Great — 

A worthy third entry in the Zero Escape trilogy, Zero Time Dilemma delivers more of the goods: escape room puzzles, slightly heady (pseudo-)science and philosophical theorizing, and a bonkers plot involving time travel and parallel universes. Does a satisfying job of tying together the loose ends from 999 and VLR. Only real knock against the game: you start to see the seams of how the cutscenes were built, with how often it switches camera shots, and the animations are a bit rough. Everything else is perfect.

Good — 

A worthwhile, but not critical, piece in the Danganronpa series. The major notes are filled with the expected amount of despair, making those parts the main attraction, but only the pair of exceptionally entertaining main characters carry the rest of the game through the action, which swings wildly between decent puzzle stuff and frustrating combat, and is just too long in general. Play it for the story, do what you need to in order to breeze through the shooty bits.

Decent — 

Competent tech demo of a game, repeated over and over throughout worlds, and carried into an actual cartridge release by its graphics, which were way more impressive in 1994 than they are now that you understand how CGI sprites work. Between being kinda floaty, and having some odd hitboxes, it feels like it needed a bit more time. Over-hyped. Good music, though, as people have reminded me.