The lack of streaming

Alligator clips and superglue
Alligator clips and superglue

While I've certainly been busy with other things, I just thought I'd note that the lack of streaming from me has partially been because my Magewell, a very nice little HDMI capture box that works well in Linux, has been flaky for a while and finally outright broke today while I was trying to determine the nature of its flakiness.

I'm trying to fix it, though. For whatever reason, the damn thing's USB connector seemed to be mostly held to the board by either the pins themselves or by pixies, and has now entirely separated. Holding the connector at just the right point allows it to work — you can see it here with the power and data pins lit up — so I am trying to glue it into place and seeing how well that works.

Worst case, I seem to have found a way to keep the connector making contact with some alligator clips, so I might be able to do some PS4/PS3/Vita TV streaming again once I see how this holds and try putting the adapter back in the full streaming setup.

In the interim, I did a bit of Four Job Fiesta streaming, and enabled a bunch of VODs I hadn't gotten around to yet, so there is some stuff, if you like watching me play video games.