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See No Evil is a game of shadow world-style conspiracy investigation in an urban setting using the 13th Age game modified for a contemporary setting.

The Setting

In Phantom Tranquility, the modern world as we know it is an illusion, a lie perpetuated by the subconscious mind insulating itself from the truth that magic is a real force and fantastic humanoid races live among us. An influential executive may be a sorcerer casting rituals from the board room while claiming allegiance to the Diabolist, or the gang of thugs terrorizing the neighborhood may in fact be orcs fighting for control of "their" turf. Most people disbelieve these elements of reality, even going so far as to convince themselves that the friendly dwarf running the convenience store is just an abnormally stout human, but there are rare individuals that, either by choice or by accident, see past the veil. Whether, in embracing the truth, they choose to manipulate the world or protect it, they perceive these times for what they truly are — monstrous, dangerous, and on the brink of collapse.