Valon Amarathar (Wood Elf Ranger 2)

Valon Amarathar lives off the land, an adept ranger and hunter, and a believer in Leimikki, the Huntress, goddess of the Happy Hunting Grounds. His ethos focuses on a natural state of the world in the wild, but a state not completely at odds with civilization.

Alignment, as a shortcut: TN


Ability Scores

Strength Constitution Dexterity Intelligence Wisdom Charisma
Score 17 (Ranger +2) 10 19 (Wood Elf +2) 9 12 8
Mod + Level +5 +2 +6 +1 +3 +1

One Unique Thing

The spirits of a previous age whisper in his subconscious. Sometimes, they're louder.

Icon Relationships


Health, Initiative

Hit Points: 28 hp; Recoveries: 8; Recovery Dice: 2d8+1; Initiative: +6


Armor Class: 17; Physical Defense: 16; Mental Defense: 11


Racial Power

Talents, Miscellaneous Feats



Session 1

Kobolds led by Agamir (a powerful black dragon) attacks town where we are, learn afterwards he's after one of the Seven Rings - Spirit. Learn most of this from the priestess in town, Bridget Onderfield. She sends us to Valynn's tomb in order to retrieve the ring, with the goal of moving it out from where the dragon might be able to get to it. We can do whatever with the ring as long as the dragon doesn't get it.

Used the -Three 5 to buy us more time to get to the tomb under cover, but that's going to come with some serious ramifications later.

Used +Elf Queen 6 to talk our way past the guards in the tomb.

Killed some skeletons I think.

Used my incremental advance on next level's hp.

Session 2

Session 3

Vivian trying to find father, who is looking for demonroot to cure Vivian's possession.

Cultists moving in two weeks per Lich King relationships. Going to library to see if it's been taken over by Agamir's kobolds.

Used my incremental advance on Hertiage of the Sword feat.

Session 4

To the library!

We get ambushed by kobolds, one is riding a bat!

We found a sword of thunderbolts! (Book of Loot p.36)

We are in the library trying to find the book to find info about the Seven Rings, we can't find the book immediately, I use ~Elf Queen 5 to say that the library has background with the court and I have a better idea of where the book is. We find six green books that could be the book, so we take them all.

Then, going to the other quest, to see if we can find Vivian's father, we get to a cave with an abandoned camp, and a demonic dire wolf attacks us

We decide to go to the Underdark thing later and go do the Kazamov's cult thing now.

Session 5

Conflicted w/Elf Queen 5

We check in the quests, get our rewards, tell the guildmaster about the previous party going for the demonroot that seemed to have run off into the Underdark. Because we turned in the quests, we're guild members now! Yay!

Also, the party has 1000 gp.

Maybe the drow from the other adventuring party can help us, later, but for now we decide to stick with the plan to deal with Kazamov's cult whatever.

We go to the temple of Tyrn, going to set off a distraction in a town that lures the passing cultists out of their ransacked homes and come into an ambush set by Raynor's cavalry.

We get a wagon, some booze, fireworks, (including THE BIG ONE, as a signal to start the ambush), food, and we're ready!?

Session 6

Positive w/High Druid 5, Conflicted w/Elf Queen 5

Going into the Underdark to look for Gustov Eldt, father of Vivian

We decide to party up with the half elf (Blay), dwarf, drow (Idni), mushroom man party that we saw in the guild, and have them guide us through the Underdark to look for Gustov.

We start reading the green books from a while ago, we find a poem about the seven rings

General clues regarding with the location of the rings. A bookmark appeared, or something, maybe?

Blay Skycorn - half-elf with chakrams with the Priestess and the Diabolist on them

We enter the underdark caves, get split up and attacked by some sporriors and other mushroom guys, but we take care of them

More walking, small cavern with a pillar of stone, with a forgeborn very similar to Amalgam. it's A-1200! apparently Amalgam is A-001!? and A-1200 wants to destroy Amalgam!

After the battle, we learn of the fate of the other A-00X untis that the 1200 unit was hunting. Amalgam's got some interesting locations of other "defective" units that need to be destroyed/analyzed. Amalgam also has learned where the creators of A-1200 are.


Massive wide-open cavern with bioluminescence from mushroom stalks. they start worshipping Yakha as a deity or something, the head mushroom queen(?) indicates that the drow are working with Kazamov

Gustov and party were rescued from "plague bearers" and kept in a mushroom house

We check out the house, Vivian's real happy to see her dad

Oh shit though, it's very nearly a full moon

Session 7

Positive w/High Druid 5, Conflicted w/Elf Queen 5

Incremental Advance for Level 3, took Lethal Hunter Adventurer Feat.

We're helping the mushroom people with their migration, and then heading to the city of Corners. There's a cleric there that can maybe heal lycanthropy. closer to Corners than Kingsmouth

We get to Corners in late afternoon. it's the intersection of three nations, a hub town

We try to find a place to lock up Vivian for a bit while she does the whole lycanthropy thing. somewhere secure, etc. contacts bounce us around a bit, we find out about Grosh who is a monster collector or something, we'll maybe keep Vivian there? but also an arena.

Vivian's still on board but doesn't want to fight

Grosh offers to contain Vivian for a couple days if we get an escapee for him, Jackie. Can be found on the south side of town in a marsh!? Look for a lady with blackbird emblems in bars, is the most we have to work with

We find her, she was following us, she put the black feather in Yakha's book. so she knows about the rings, about the priestess, all that. seems like she wants to lead us to the Seven Rings

We pay someone... 200 gp? to go scout out what's going on in Grosh's place while we wait to meet up with Jackie.

Next time we'll try to find Bridget (from the first session) and see if she can help us with the demon curse

Session 8

Positive w/High Druid 5, Conflicted w/Elf Queen 5

We check out the place where Bridget has been staying, it's more like a refugee shelter

Cyrodin, the first town we came from, followed Cywin, god of cycles

1000 gp gold - 200 gp from the guy snooping around Grosh's = 800 gp

we are planning to spring Vivian by intercepting her after she is exited from the arena on the third day of her lycanthropy, and then take her and Bridget out of the town to perform an exorcism, and get the moon demon out of her

we spend 300 gp on five vials of quicksilver (for the party). Valon takes two right away in order to prepare for the exorcism

500 gp left

we break Vivian out, run into brass dragon Kaba, we free the various animals and we both go on our way.

we're going to fight the moon demon in the ritual next time, as it's a boss battle, so assuming that goes fine without anyone dying...

On to Blackanchor!

Jackie had a ship ready for us to go to Blackanchor, as she's going there as well. She's looking for the Ring of Water, but she thinks that she can also help Amalgam find what he's looking for


we get 300 gp from the collar (to capture/escape Vivian) that we never needed, so Jackie sold it and gave us a cut.